The Blue Creek Project consists of one 315 sq km onshore oil concession divided into two blocks located in NW Belize. The two blocks, Blue Creek and West Gallon Jug, are granted under a Production Sharing agreement with the government of Belize. The concession lies in the hydrocarbon producing Petén Basin that extends across northern Guatemala into northern Belize and southeast Mexico.

The Danica Jutland Project, totalling 1.015 million acres, consists of two onshore oil and gas licences, 1/09 and 2/09, located adjacent to each other in an under-explored area in Jutland, western Denmark. Geologically, the licences lie on the southern edge of the Northern Permian Basin.

The Danica Resources Project, licence 1/08, is located in the Baltic region of southeast Denmark. The 1.67 million acre licence is located in a highly prospective and under-explored area along the northern margin of the Southern Permian Basin. Combined with the Danica Jutland Project, New World Oil and Gas holds 2.685 million acres in Denmark, making it the largest holder of onshore acreage in the country.